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Two of the many important differences about OOGads.com are that we do not have personal advertisements because we want OOGads.com to be family friendly, and we are much more tolerant of business opportunity advertisements.

OOGads.com is community monitored. Everyone in OOGads helps to keep OOGads family friendly and abusers out. We have written very special software in-house with over 300 hours of programming that monitors people's complaints, and can be adjusted constantly to find a good balance of when ads and users are suspended according to complaints from the community.

About placing an advertisement: You may place a free or paid premium classified, coupon, or calendar event after logging into your account. If you decide to purchase a paid advertisement for a one time fee of $97.00 it will have a graphic for extra attention next to it on the listing pages, and it will come up above all free advertisements in the category it is listed in. You will also be given $50.00 worth of credits for posting updates that are highlighted and linked to any classified you place, including free ones, on the front page of OOGads.com. You will also be able to post updates about your ad on the front page of OOGads.com. Upon payment of a premium advertisement, you will be returned immediately to the classifieds and your advertisement will be activated immediately, or no longer than 60 seconds. You will be able to edit, delete, or extend your advertisement anytime you like by logging into your members area below. You may run your ad for 60 days or until you cancel it. Since we allow you free advertisements to test OOGads.com we do not give refunds for paid advertisements. No advertising may be placed here that you would be ashamed for your grandmother or kindegartner to see.

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